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Do you find that the event planning tools you use make it stressful, complicated and incredibly time consuming?

Let OnePlan put the joy back into planning your events

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OnePlan is the event site planning platform that combines all other mapping and visual planning tools into one, giving you and your clients one full plan and shopping list of what your event space needs for a secure, safe and incredible experience down to the last square metre. After all, that’s the minute detail your attendees see so why shouldn’t you?

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Space planning

Accurately drop and drag temporary event infrastructure and supplier products from the toolbar onto your plan with the confidence that every element is scaled to industry standards, and the correct quantity is procured. Crowd capacity is also calculated instantly according to the desired crowd density.

Resource planning

Plot human resource requirements across your event site. Collaborate seamlessly with other users such as clients and event suppliers by letting them leave comments directly onto your map.

Queue calculator

Gain an instant estimate of queue length and wait time for areas such as security screening, ticket checks and box office to ensure that services and infrastructure are appropriately scoped and times of peak demand are identified.

Evacuation assessor

Get an estimate of the time you’ll need to evacuate pedestrians from your site based on crowd number and exit gate width. You can also share details with stakeholders such as the emergency services to help support evacuation planning.

Bill of quantities

Create a ‘bill of quantities’ (BOQ) straight from your block planning and infrastructure mapping. Add contingency to each of the items where needed.

Supplier request

Save yourself the effort of sourcing and procuring suppliers by letting OnePlan do it for you. Submit your BOQ to approved suppliers via our portal to receive competitive quotes quickly and easily.

Event planning advice

Find extensive event and crowd management planning advice and guidance in our Support section. We cover over 20 countries so no matter where event is taking place, relevant country specific information is available.

Expert directory

Request professional support from OnePlan approved specialists in health and safety, crown management, catering and more.

Anyone planning an outdoor event can use OnePlan. Here’s what some of our users think about it:

OnePlan is going to change the outdoor events industry for the better Senior Event Manager, UK
This is what the industry has needed for a long time Event Supplier, Canada
We now have access to clients we have never had before and saved hours of business development time and money Event Supplier, USA
The measurement tools are invaluable and so easy to use. I’ve saved so much time planning my event Event Planner, Belgium
OnePlan is a game changer for my event planning business, we are making it the core planning tool for our company Event Management company, Denmark

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