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Want to improve your event planning knowledge? Want to keep up with the event planning world but don’t know how? Are you someone who scrolls through Twitter and Instagram, with no direction or intention?

Here are 25 influencers and companies you should be following to fix that.

1. Julius Solaris

On Twitter at @tojulius, LinkedIn and on his media site, Event Manager Blog, Julius Solaris is a leading expert in event planning trends. He has been nominated as the most influential individual in the event industry for several years now and is ahead of the curve for event news.

2. Event Manager Blog

With nearly 50,000 followers on Twitter, it’s worth keeping a close eye on this Twitter feed @EventMB too. Home to a host of authors, Event Manager Blog posts a series of blogs on everything event goers need to know about the industry. It is a fountain of information, and spots trends before they happen. The Blog also offers free eBooks to help planners engage their audiences and take their events to new heights.

3. Adam Parry

Adam Parry is the Directory and Editor or Event Industry News, an online magazine for planners. You can find him on Twitter at @punchtownparry and LinkedIn. Event Industry News is also the organiser of Event Tech Live, The Event Technology Awards and Event Tech Talks. Like Julius, Adam is an events veteran, and has eyes and ears in all the events community.

4. Event Industry News

Event Industry News provides exactly what its name suggests: a guide and deep dive into the event planning world. With latest information on event planning companies, conferences news, event tech, and concert/festival news, Event Industry News has got it all covered. Check out its twitter feed at @EventNewsBlog.

Its podcast is another incredible tool on the website and invites event experts to discuss their area of expertise. They even have a Spotlight section which features prominent industry news for readers to look out for in the industry! Definitely worth a quick trip to their site.

5. Dennis Schaal

Executive Director and Founding Editor of Skift, Dennis Schaal is another fantastic person to follow for event industry knowledge. His career has gifted him with years of travel that give him a pulse for event news not may have. Find him on Twitter at @denschaal and LinkedIn.

6. Liz King

Liz King, like the others listed here, is a proclaimed “planning superhero”. What truly sets Liz apart is her fantastic blog and events podcast, Techsy Talk. Be sure to tune in for all talk events related (and some talks just for fun). Find her on LinkedIn and Twitter at @lizkingevents

7. Nick Borelli

Nick Borelli is the founder of Borelli Strategies, and shares advice with event planners on event marketing tactics and social media strategies. He is also a writer in Event Manager Blog, contributing with his own experiences and background. Find him on Twitter at @NickBorelli and LinkedIn.

8. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is the ultimate blog to follow for event industry insight. Its latest post “the Pulse Report” is emblematic of how tuned in the writers at Eventbrite are in the industry. Their categories range from Charity, to Event Management, to Ticket Sales and Webinars: their breadth should not signal superficiality, but rather that Eventbrite has got it all covered. Find it on Twitter at @eventbrite.

9. Will Curran

Will Curran is passionate about events and has been organising events since high school. Will rose through the ranks and founded Endless Events. Self-proclaimed “Events Einstein”, he has been named one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders. From technology to event marketing, Will knows what’s happening, and will tell you about it. Find him on Twitter at @ItsWillCurran and LinkedIn.

10. Dahlia El Gazzar

Dahlia founded DAHLIA+Agency to put her skills and knowledge to good use. By promising to infuse energy into projects, Dahlia provides a full-service marketing agency and is in-the-know on all things event technology. If you don’t need a marketing specialist, follow her Twitter @DahliaElGazzar for help on how tech can help boost your efficiency in your life.

11. Paul Foster

Recognised as a global leader in crowd management planning for major events having advised five Olympic Games and two Commonwealth Games, Paul is an expert in his field. He is a crowd management tutor for Interpol and has contributed to numerous guidance on protecting crowded places and major events. This has included the Counter-Terrorism Preparedness Network report on protecting crowded places and events. He has travelled, and experienced various cultures, which for him, are essential in event planning and have given him an outlook on events that is diverse and open-minded. He founded OnePlan in 2019 and can be found on LinkedIn.

12. Tahira Endean

Tahira is the author of ‘Intentional Event Design’ and currently the Head of Events at SITE. Her Tweets are fantastic in guiding both specialists and enthusiasts in the latest event tech, and upcoming industry conferences. As everyone on this list is, she’s renowned in the field and extremely passionate about the work she does. Find her on LinkedIn here.

13. Event Tribe

Event Tribe is self-described as the community for event organisers. It covers a variety of topics, both broad and niche (check out their post on “Interpreter Brief for International Event Managers”) as well as offering a forum for its readers. Event Tribe brings industry news to their website, and gives attendees, planners and managers an opportunity to discuss the content, and share some wisdom! Not on Twitter but well worth having on your favourites.

14. David Adler

David is the CEO and Founder of Bizbash, and, under his reign, he has led the company in becoming the largest media property in the events industry. The newest practices and trends are all recorded on BizBash and it is regarded as the leading resource for event organizers around the planet. Find him on Twitter at @davidadler and on LinkedIn.

15. Beth Kormanik

Beth has helped David in pushing BizBash into garnering the reputation the magazine has today. Beth is Editor-In-Chief of BizBash and has been for 7 years. Her tenure at BizBash indicates her skill, brilliance and knowledge of the field, as she continues to bring new perspectives of the event industry world. Find her on Twitter at @thewordista and on LinkedIn.

16. BizBash

BizBash (0n Twitter as @BizBash) plays a major role in the industry writing about production, style, catering and local venues/destinations. It has destination-specific posts (check out its Calgary venues on the website), and offers readers a variety of information on the ‘buzz’ of event planning news!

17. Brandt Krueger

Brandt is a specialist in Event Technology and is a speaker and consultant in the Meetings and Events Industry. Brandt is Technical Producer at Event Technology Consulting and is an expert in the best technology to use for events. He is also an author for Endless Events and writes about how certain technologies will impact companies and the industry as a whole. Find him on Twitter at @BrandtKrueger.

18. Carrie Abernathy

Carrie is the co-founder and President of the Association for Women in Events. It aims to network and bring together leading female industry speakers and create a community of women. Carrie is not only an expert in event creation and planning but has created a whole sub-community that fosters the representation of women in the events industry. Find her on Twitter at @CAbernathy and on LinkedIn.

19. Annette Naif

Speaking of amazing women in the events industry, Annette Naif is the CEO and creative director of Naif Productions, a New-York based strategic event planning, design and production firm. From executive retreat, to a citywide festival, Annette has sourced the “best vendors and venues of the business” for national or international events. Find her on Twitter at @AnnetteNaif.

20. Christy Lamanga

Christy is the President/ CEO of Strategic Meetings and Events, and the author of The Strategic Planning Guide for Event Professionals. She claims her day is a mix of “writing, coaching and running SM&E”, which is trying to change how the event industry works. For industry-disrupters, look at her. Find her on Twitter at @SMEChristy and LinkedIn.

21. Stand Out

Stand Out has been keeping event organisers, festival directors, brand managers and production specialists informed with the latest news, opinion and developments to impact on the sector for more than a decade. Bursting full of practical, inspiring, creative and technical ideas and solutions to create memorable experiences, it’s worth keeping a close eye on this one. Find on Twitter at @StandOutMag.

22. Access All Areas

Self-proclaimed as the voice of the live and outdoor events industry, Access All Areas is the holy grail of news and insight for festival organisers across the world. Find it on Twitter at @Access_AA.

23. Working with Crowds

As recent events have demonstrated, the threats to crowd safety are only growing. One site has its finger firmly on the pulse of the latest government policies, news and developments to make sure your event attendees are as safe as possible. Find Working With Crowds on Twitter at @wwcrowds.

24. IQ Magazine

If you’re in the live music industry then you need to get IQ magazine on your reading list. An essential news resource for the international live music business, follow it on Twitter at @IQ_Mag to learn about the newest technologies and trends, movers and shakers and more.

25. Event Safety Alliance

Ending on safety, for an excellent round up of all things event safety, you can’t beat the Event Safety Alliance. Dedicated to supporting “life safety first” through the entire event lifecycle, it’s full of training and planning resources and its twitter account @EventSafety4All will keep you fully up to date.

Think you or someone you know should be on here? Get in touch with us at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

28th January 2020