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The elections happened (we hope you voted!) and the Conservatives won. BoJo is officially in power and at OnePlan all we have to say is this: we support democracy, and we support whatever outcome of the election. Here’s to a Prime Minister that once said “my policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it.” We could get on board with that.

Jokes aside, this election has actually been pretty exciting for the events industry, and it’s brought event-planning to the forefront of a policy both Labour and the Tories support. Their pledge to “improve the safety and security of public venues” has come at an appropriate time, tailing the recent terror attack on London Bridge on the 29th of November. The attack saw incredible acts of heroism from members of the public; one man retrieved the knife the attacker was holding, and various people jumped on him to save others when it was discovered he was wearing a bomb vest.

Shifting this focus to terrorist attacks at events and venues, our new Government has pledged to save “have-a-go-heroes” and have event-planners create a planned response to terror attacks. Martyn’s Law, as it’s called, is named after Martyn Hett, who was one of the 22 fans killed in the Manchester Arena bombing only two years ago. Instead of relying on altruistic acts of heroism, events and venues should take a stand on having a plan of action in case of these attacks.

It’s important now, more than ever, to come together and ensure all venues and planners have a plan in place to make their events more secure in case anything happens. The ways that this could be helped is to support workforce through a higher level of training that includes courses on intelligence gathering, and risk mitigation. A small increase in ticket pricing could raise funds to run these courses regularly for all workforces. Employing a skilled and experienced safety personnel, separate from security staff should be implemented at most large events and venues.

Being alert even days leading up to the event is another good practice: paying attention to suspicious cars, unusual queries about the venues or people loitering on the grounds. Suspicious behaviour on the day of the event should not be taken lightly and trusting your instincts (as cheesy as it sounds) could save a life. Many large events to include screening measures, but these should be appropriate to the event. These can range from manual bag checks to full scale airport style security.

OnePlan offers its service as a way to make events more secure: being able to visualise the event site. When considering perimeters, entertainment zones, checkpoints, or “bottlenecks”, OnePlan offers a visualisation tool to map out where safety and security interventions may need to be implemented. Seeing where each person is stationed, how many people are guarding the ticket entrances or spaces with big crowds, is essential in controlling flow. OnePlan allows event planners to monitor and also plan the most efficient routes for event-goers to pass through the event site. Maintaining traffic at a minimum could prevent commotion and trampling, in case of attacks. Finally, being able to communicate with each other in case anything happen is a key aspect, the OnePlan app offers an innovative communication platform that workforces are be able to access to make it easier for contingency plans to be enacted.

Our main goal in this industry is for people to plan for safe events. We’re glad that our Government supports this goal.

For help on making your event more secure, check out the features available on OnePlan today by starting a free trial.

13th December 2019