One Plan

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The event industry is blessed to have an abundance of talented, creative individuals within it but as event technology becomes more advanced and the risks and potential threats to an event’s success and safety grow, there’s always more that can be done to develop our knowledge and skills.

Fortunately, a new MSc in Crowded Space Design, Management & Risk Analysis is being launched at Edinburgh Napier University from January 2020.

The course, which has been created by Mind Over Matter (MOM), will explore the way in which scientific and psychosocial context affects how we manage crowds and mitigate risk. It’ll also look at how we can better apply our knowledge to this area.

Our founder, Paul Foster, will be a lecturer on the course and will be teaching the importance of site design, covering everything from the identification of space to the finished event and all levels in between.

This course will be one of the first in the UK to utilise OnePlan as the foundation of interactive event planning and readiness exercising.

With OnePlan already a key part of Interpol’s International Sport Safety and Security Professional Certificate, and four other universities across Europe set to follow Edinburgh Napier in using our suite of site planning tools on their courses, we’ve started a movement to support event planners deliver their best work. It’s even been suggested that OnePlan will be the default system for the event industry within the next three years and we couldn’t be prouder.

Click here for details of how to enroll on the course or join our movement by signing up to a free trial today.

Happy planning!

2nd December 2019