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…..Everything from challenge areas and camps to animal rangers and medics plotted on the OnePlan platform

Here at OnePlan, we’re proud to have created the ONLY event site planning platform that combines all other mapping and visual planning tools into one and we’re already helping event planners across the world organise festivals, international sports tournaments and more.

But this week, as the award-winning I’m a Celebrity TV show approached its series end, we asked ourselves….. can we plot a TV show in a jungle??

Of course we can! And here it is.

Every element we’ve seen from the I’m a Celebrity jungle TV set has been mapped out on one plan showing all the areas, barriers, human resources and camps from the hugely popular ITV programme.

But before we talk you through it….

What the heck is I’m a Celebrity?

If you’re not familiar with I’m a Celebrity, the UK television programme is broadcast daily from mid November to early December each year and attracts an average of 5 million viewers per show. Set in the Springbrook National Park in Murwillumbah, New South Wales, Australia, the show forces celebrity contestants to camp in the wild and face their fears in challenges involving bugs, wild animals and heights.

With 12 contestants camping with the wildlife in the thick of the jungle, and over 20 large challenges (Bushtucker Trials) as well as smaller Dingo Dollar tasks to hold, the organisation of this hugely popular programme is far from straightforward. It’s likely to have involved months and months of planning, with multiple maps and charts to plot out all of the equipment and human resource needed to cover the enormous space.

But, with OnePlan, we’ve shown it is possible to mock up of the complex jungle set on one plan.

What’s on the set?

As you can see from all the labels on the image below, there’s quite a lot there!

That’s why the image below shows a selection of items labelled….

For a full run down of everything on the plan, it contains:

Ant & Dec’s Treetop Studio

Snake Rock

Main camp and the now famous Shower area

The Dingo Dollar Challenge Area

Kev’s Kiosk

Kev’s House

The Lake

The Wild West area

Hell-evator (Bushtucker Trial)

The critter farm where they store the animals and bugs between trials

The Construction Area (Bushtucker Trial)

Outdoor Cinema (Bushtucker Trial)

Blood Bath Challenge (Bushtucker Trial)

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Reckoning areas

The Cave (Bushtucker Trial)

Jungle Love Island Stage (Bushtucker Trial)

The Cyclone Challenge

Security barriers to keep media and intruders out

Animal barriers to keep wild animals out

And the iconic wobbly bridge

The plan also plots human resources such as animal rangers, security and medics.

While this isn’t an exact replica of the set, we believe we’ve been able to create something pretty close to it thanks to the functionality of the OnePlan system. We are by no means associated with or employed by the producers of I’m a Celebrity in any way – this is just a bit of fun!

It really is possible to view any area in the world and start to plot out all the equipment and resources you need for your outdoor event which means weddings, festivals and even jungle based TV programmes are easy to plan on our platform.

To gain access to the plan or learn more about OnePlan’s features, get in touch with us or even better, try out the tool for your next event with a 30 day free trial.

6th December 2019