One Plan

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These are unusual times for the festival industry.  OnePlan is already supporting many of the biggest festivals in the world and is proving to be a lifeline to enable collaborative remote working and business continuity.  We are committed to do more to support festival businesses over the next few months and support their long term sustainability. 

Our cloud-based platform allows your team to:

Over 600 events in 40 countries are using OnePlan to support the development of their event and venue site plans.  For all OnePlan subscribers we are offering to import any current plans you have into your OnePlan studio so you, your team and partners can see all relevant site plans in one place, creating the single source of truth.

When team members are logged in you will be able to see their cursor and develop your site plans effectively without endless document updates and emails.

Plans can be submitted in any format including AutoCAD, DWG, PDF, PowerPoint, drawn on a napkin! Reach out to us at [email protected] to get your plans imported. Free online training is also provided at a time that is convenient for you.  Sign up now to get instant access to your OnePlan studio.

You can book a screen-share to speak directly to one of our team.


Authored on

17th March 2020